Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Stitch Done

Just finished the last quilt it & get the applique pieces drawn out & scanned for soon as possible

Mini Burgoyne Quilt

This is what my blocks will grow up to be you can tell put my own spin on it switching dark&light, making it a little more frustrating a first....but by george I finally got it!

Burgoyne Block

I made this one & only one block today in quilt class....taxes my brain, which is good for all of us now&then....need to make twelve more!
But first of course continue working & finishing soot&ashes, folkart gathering block 4 and projects for Home for the Holidays blog hop....whewwww love a challenge.... they are all so close, I promise!    Enjoy cheri

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home for the Holidays Quilt Designer Blog Hop & Cookie Swap

are you ready for all these new holiday designs from... Oh my Gosh!!! ever so talented women, I feel so honored & a little nervous to be included in this group of incredible designers....I'm squealing with excitement to see the first Home for the Holidays blog to post on November's to be Brenda Gervais......get thy needles and thread ready!
I started my project today, give you a little!!!   Happy Holidays cheri

New Home

New home for the crawdad....more suited to his needs than my garage!

Back into the Wild

Beautiful sunny morning....walked the crawdad down to Poway Park and let him go in the trickling creek, better than my garage! Still not exactly sure how he got there but we did get a load of firewood delivered last weekend and possibly went along for the ride...hope he enjoys his new living arragenments!
Now my good deed done for today.....back home to spend it in my sewing room.....Greg's off on a business trip not back till Friday.....SEW SEW SEW!

HaLLoWeeN TReaTs

Halloween treat totes have been made and ready to hand out to my sweet Trick or Treaters on Halloween night......can hardly wait to see them in there fun costumes, me I'm dressing up as a pirate "Ahoy Matey!"
Love stickers! Don't scrapbook just collect stickers! Grandma is such a enjoyable experience!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creature from the Black Lagoon

I'm not only being overrun by pincher bugs but look at the horrendous creature I found in my garage!  What is it?  I may have to move & soon.....and Greg is gone at a meeting.....freaking out!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm GOinG BuGGy!

Living in sunny So. California has not been so sunny the last week....lots of rain & drizzle.....started to be overrun at night by pincher bugs, coming from somewhere, running across my floor, me having to stop stitching on soot&ashes to chase the fast it the wet weather? Don't know, but everytime I stop laying in wait for a bug & go back to applique....BOOM out of the corner of my eye he comes running, me chasing!   I'm GoInG BuGGy!
On the last few leaves&vines on soot&ashes.....also throwing together a fun little something for something I can't tell you yet....but it'll be a GooD!
Enjoy cheri

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Piecing quilt top

Following picture piece together your Soot&Ashes quilt top.....will need three 51/2" square of light.....31/2" wide strips used for between rows and all borders except top which is 41/2" wide.......still working on applique will post as soon as it is done       this has been enjoyable will have to come up with another!

Right Shop, Right Day, Wrong Week

Yesterday I was sure was my samper stitching class at Country Loft....not so....I show up ,nope , my class switched to the second wed. Of the month, need to be better at attending on a regular basis or they're hiding from me!
Joann was so kind to invite me to sit and stitch with Wool Crazy....enjoyed my day catching up with quilt month I will track down my stitching class!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

christmas treasures

I found these wonderfully unique Christmas treasures in an antique shop in the Czech Republic......the tree has real tiny glass ornaments and a fun tree base decorated with minature mushrooms, the glass santa ornament clips onto a Christmas tree branch and a tree ornament just because it was different.....these are differently my favorite souvenirs

Monday, October 18, 2010

Budapest, Vienna & Prague

We are home & starting normal day lives again...... our vacation was delightful & fascinating, full of history & picturesque cathedrals, castles, museums & monuments.....posted a collage of each city visited.....
Enjoyed every minuted, walked many miles, ate great foods & local beers!
Some of the sites visited Cesky Krumlov, Roman Medival Stone Collection,the Belvedere,the Albertina, Hundertwasser Village, Opera Houses, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Astronomical clock, St. Charles Bridge.......and so much more......even went to a casino in Vienna and left winning!
Have laundry done and alittle sewing ......all animals happy to see me home and so am I, love to visit but it's always wonderful to back home.......enjoy cheri

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

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Vienna Austria

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Budapest Hungary

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Prague Czech Republic

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