Tuesday, August 31, 2010


first i have a silly question but remember i'm new & you learn by asking what is &#39.... can't seem to figure it out.... when you stop laughing send me an answer!
oh my gosh you ladies any color will work, just because i named the quilt & am using a sooty grey doesn't mean you have to.... yours could be Purple Rain, Red Rover (hey that's a fun name i've never used, next quilt!) Blue Bonnet etc., etc....
remember this is your quilt, i'm just giving you the starting ideas

sorry the pictures look distorted, probably because my stuff is always a little off in someway
hubby says maybe try cropping them, will give it a try.... if they bother you & come up with an easy! fix i'll give it a try

sorry for the lapses in thought in the blog today.... was long winded.... reread & thought it looked okay then later tonite saw all the mistakes.... will get better      cheri


Soot&ashes block 3     cut four each light&dark
                                 One&3/4 x 3"    sew a light to dark, sew sections together
                                                             following  picture

rambling about me...

i thought that i would take a little time to just ramble....
can't spell very well, try to find the mistakes & am very unskilled with the computer ( better than i was, but still lacking alot of basic skills everybody but me knows)... use the computer now, but just recently got a Droid phone, my brain seems to understand it better for some reason... so i type my long ramblings on the computer but then need to take & post pictures using my phone... and only one at a time!   silly huh!
i do tea-dye all my fabrics before i ever sew with them.... it's just my thing, i know that it's going to wash out ( as i always wash quilts after quilting) and i'm going to have to redo... but i like the primitive look of it as i'm sewing....
live in Poway, Ca with my husband greg & a potbelly pig Tootsie, 2 rabbits Barrio & Jackson, a tortise named Neffertiti, 15 chickens, they do all have names!, 2 dogs Cowboy & Yokum and numerous cats who also have names....
between greg & i there are 7 grown children ( including spouses) and 5 gorgeous grandkids
am self taught quilter, love to just do my own thing not worry about right or wrong... i believe there is no wrong in quilting just different.... i want to enjoy my time not be frustrated... don't use or own a seam ripper!   i always have several projects going at once... tend to get bored with one so this i can always be
excited.... might have adult ADD, who knows... i just make it work!
tend to, always tend to, very rarely don't go for the dark fabrics.... my work is usually not the bright & sunny look.... not me... love the primitive!
but i strongly feel that quilting or with any art form it is all very personal and as long as you are loving what you've created that all that really matters.... beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
i do design quilts for me, every quilt is a part of who i am... when they speak to others that is a compliment.... when my designs inspire others that is spectacular.... take what was mine, make it what is you and love every minute creating it ....    wow!!!
     enjoy, cheri     now off to post the next soot&ashes block

Monday, August 30, 2010

My stitching

Went to my grandson's first day of kindergarten ceremony today, so not any sewing just aaahhhing! Growing up to fast... remember waiting at the hospital all night for him to be born, seems like yesterday... being grandma is an awesome experience.
I do have a photo of some of the crosstitching i've accomplished so far... takes what seems forever for just alittle thing! My brain boggles with all the counting of little squares.... i go crosseyed!!!


Block 2... so simple
All squares...one & one-half inches

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Block one for soot&ashes quilt.... enjoy


had a very creatively productive day yesterday.... worked up quilt tops for new quilts October, November & December... played around with additions to the Folkart Gathering
the new fabrics that were purchased on my shopping expedition inspired soot&ashes.... a sampler quilt in shades of black and a shirting fabric background.... thought that i would share the quilt with you on a block by block posting, with measurments so you can if you make it along with me ....
i rarely buy more than 1/2 yard cuts, so that i need to makedo if i run out, so that amount should work for we all that much in our stash i'm sure.... and if not, makedo!
i plan on using about 5 different shades of greyish blacks and the same light print background.... but i do tend to change my mind as the quilt progresses... a quilter's prerogative!
                                            block one
all squares- 11/2"      for half-sq. triangles cut 27/8"
                               cut in half diagonally once             

Friday, August 27, 2010

New inspirations

My purchases from Temecula quilt shops.... how fun!


needed to send a pattern order to Quilter's Coop in Temecula, Ca., so I decided yesterday to just hand deliver it
omg it was hot,hot,hot!!!  not the best day to choose to go... 105 plus.... i felt like i was melting!
luckily for me i can browse in a quilt shop for hours! wonderfully fun shop, so much to look at, be inspired by and purchase... i did all three happily :)
finally had to go out the door... uuuggg! ran across the street as fast as i could to the recently opened shop The Wool Lady, full of wool, of course and floss, yarn, hooking, stitching.... all of which i love... and she had air-conditioning so i stayed, browsed and shopped!
next was Rooster Creek always a good place to find primitive little stuff that i just have to have!
then off on alittle drive down the road to Temecula Quilt Co. .... Cheryl really has a talent for display, if you've not been need to go give the shop a look....added to fabric purchases!
despite the heat, i enjoyed and was inspired immensely by the shops i visited
tea-dying my new fabrics right now as i type away...
ready to sew!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My quilt waiting for quilting.... glorious nine patch


I belong to a quilting group that meets on thursday's at one of my favorite quilt shops Fat Quarters in Vista,Ca..... lots of wonderful quilters and quilt finishers in my group, alas I am not one of the known finishers.... love to start new projects, but unless really small they don't get finished!
anyway we are set to get back together soon after the summer ends and I would like to return with this quilt done! It is to be for my husband to use on the couch on cold nights.... but that is not right now, we finally got our summer heat here in Poway.... it's too hot to be under that quilt at the sewing machine... drats wanted to show it off completely done... hope it cools down soon, no air-conditioning in my sewing room ( detached room in back of the house ) so alas it sits waiting for cooler weather!
will continue stitching on my little linen projects for now.... I'm having fun with them...


Isn't this simply country.... love picking up my country eggs... just looking at them gives me joy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This is my new treasre.... too fun to look at so many trasures on it!

one of my daughter's talents

my daughter Katilyn works very long hours at a job that for the most part she loves, we all have bad days at work.... anyway she has a great creative nature in her, hopefully a mommy past on gene!,  Katie's uses her creative talents in crafts that I can't do......... one happens to be jewerly and I always enjoy being the receipent of her very little free time pursuits.... I received this new bracelet, fun, funky and clunky, just like she knows her mom is.... I will treasure and wear it always, as it was tied to my wrist!, no really I did get it off!........ LOVE MY DAUGHTER KATILYN ROSE <3

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Been xing away with sharpies & paper on my to be samplers.... need to start some stitching to see the real thing develope.... love, love, love the creating process, don't you too!  Will give you an update in a couple of days..... enjoy your creations!

Friday, August 20, 2010


A few of my favorite things



cleaned my home today, needed it for sure but i do love a clean house! not that i just love to scrub but the fact that in the cleaning process i tend to also recreate my home a little each time i do it.... move those photos there, move that doll over there that sort of fun cleaning all of us artists like!
i'm not one of those that needs a clean kitchen to cook... but i love looking at my wonderful family pictures and primitive collections as i sit and do my handwork...and i like changing stuff around to suit my creative moods.
while cleaning my mind starts to create new quilts as i dust off my treasured possesions... decided this morning that i will start designing linen samplers to add to my designs... crosstitch is back, stitching, handwork.... used to design crosstitch on aida cloth years ago when i had my store... remember those old days! been taking a monthly class at Country Loft on the linen samplers LOVE THEM so maybe i can give them my own style
back to cleaning... although i don't clean my sewing room very often will give it a quick dust and vacum now and then... need my creating area to be a mess... for some reason that works better for me and my design sense.... probably fiqured that out if you've seen my quilts
going to post a couple of photos of my home to share... thanks for reading talk to you later

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well i finally got a mobil app to work.... now i can take photos & post them, so if anybody ever looks i'll be ready!

quiltsbycheri: bethefirst

quiltsbycheri: bethefirst: "be the first to see, of course when i figure this out, my newest designs in progress, my craziness, my organized dissorganization & who know..."


be the first to see, of course when i figure this out, my newest designs in progress, my craziness, my organized dissorganization & who knows what else!.... be the first to find me :)

this is kinda strange on facebook i know someone is always reading my little snippets of life.... with this i feel like i'm just sitting here talking to my self... well for awhile anyway i will be a very good listener & do the talking as well

it will take another day to figure out photos.... get to work now got some envelopes to stamp!
                                                  have a good day everyone :)

rather be sewing!

trying really hard to figure this blogging page stuff out.... sewing comes so easy... not computers!


when i was little i loved to make paper dolls