Monday, September 27, 2010

going on a vacation

blocks fourteen & fifteen are done and posted, that means all pieced blocks for soot&ashes are done, by me at least, only borders and applique, of course, are left to finish....whoo hooo we're almost done!
just to let you know....I'll be gone for a little while going on a belated honeymoon ( be married 10 years Nov.) with Greg, of course what's a honeymoon without him!.....not taking needle or thread!....will be immersing myself in the romance, culture, countryside and history of Budapest, Vienna and Prague, just sounds cultural to me!    soooo excited!!!
when I return I'll resume finishing the quilt tops that lay all over my sewing room floor, have to say saw the pictures of Sheryl's sewing room from Temecula Quilt Co. amazingly wonderfully artistic, neat and tidy, wow I can only wish that!    lucky for me my room is detached from the house so really never has to be picked up, always a disshelved mess, but I do know where everything is!
anyway.....will finish soot&ashes, Folkart Gathering block 4 among other new quilts to you in again in about 3 weeks............ enjoy and keep busy while I'm gone, cheri
p.s. I did finish my first crosstitch pattern not on the website Country Loft in LaMesa CA. or Fat Quaters in Vista CA. if you are interest in one both shops have the's 28 ct linen, tea stained of course!   I like the way it turned out working on Xmas ornaments..... bye, cheri

Works in progress

My floor space is dwindling..... quilt tops taking over!
That's what I like to see!

Folkart gathering

Folkart gathering block four in progress....

Block fifteen

Make four blocks with  light center square one&1/4" and dark one&1/4" strips around all four sides
Sash and border with light  1" wide strips

Block fourteen

From light cut 6  one&7/8" squares, cut in half diagonally once and 2 dark , same size
From dark cut 2  two&7/8" squares, cut in half diagonally once
from light cut 2  one&1/2" x two & 1/2" and 1 one&1/2" x five&1/2"

Friday, September 24, 2010

Block thirteen

For each four patch  cut two - one&1/2" squares from dark and a medium fabric.... make four
Cut 1 dark  one&1/2" square and 4 light  one&1/2" x two&1/2"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

jammies all day

yesterday started out with my normal routine of feeding all the animals, doing a load of laundry, finishing up orders to be sent out and such....went out to my sewing room to cut for a couple more soot&ashes blocks, to be sewn later and then I would shower and run to the post office....never happened, never left the cut led another, led to well let me just lay out this, led to I'll quick sew these together and so on.....never got out of my jammies, combed my hair, might not have even brushed my teeth, but let me tell you the best day I've had in awhile my body and mind felt so refreshed and rejuvenated, like I'd be at a spa.....
following are a couple of pictures of what came together things laid out for Folkart Gathering block 4, worked on soot&ashes ( even a sneak peek of a row ) and laid out another block for Sofia's new big girl bed, it's bright and fun, grammy can do pink!
wish all you a refreshing fabric filled day, cheri

Block Twelve

Cut three dark and two light  one&1/2" x three&1/2"
Cut two from dark  one&1/2" x five&1/2"

Sewn in jammies

Soot&ashes....a row!

Sewn in jammies

Sofia's big girl bed quilt in progress

Monday, September 20, 2010

Block eleven

Light center square two&1/2"
Cut four each light & dark  one&1/4" x two &1/2"
Cut two squares each from light & dark  two &3/8"  cut diagonally once, sew light to dark for half square triangles

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poway Parade

Model A

Poway Parade


Poway Parade

Practicing their period costumes, but Sofia is dressed to the nines in her pink princess dress!!!

what have I been up to...since we last spoke

hopefully you've had a chance to see that blocks 9 & 10 have been posted since I've last posted....I did get a little time on wed. to sew them and block 11 is ready and waiting in the wings....I'm pondering the rest of the quilt, have graphed out fifteen blocks and am thinking three applique blocks, now how do I do that?... do alittle doodle, scan my drawing, not really sure since this is a new area of expertise for me, give me your thoughts... mine would be use all the resources around you and wing it yourself, but I realize that's not always as fun for some as others!  let me know....
Friday I took a long time quilting friend of mine, that I rarely see, to the San Diego Quilt was small, but we had a wonderful time visiting and shopping....I was so stoked there was a group booth that had 80's type calico fabrics for $2, my type of fun rummaging through all that, bought quite a few and now soaking in my pot of tea dye, that was too cool!
ran into several quilting ladies that I don't see often as I don't teach classes any more... bought a couple of patterns, some wool and few newer fabrics... but my second greatest find was my new mat! so excited.... don't know if any of you use the Martelli ergonomic cutter (the one with the red handle).... love, love mine... so I was sold on the get go by the new cutting mat, didn't even have to give the sales pitch, expensive, alittle, but it will last me forever and I needed to buy a new one again anyway.... doesn't warp in heat, no cut grooves....totally excited to use it!    so I definitly thought the show was well worth attending!
yesterday morning was the Poway Days Parade Greg was driving the model T and son Todd drove the model A for the Poway Historical Society.... three riders in period clothing were in the cars along with the grandkids, not in period clothes ( grandma will be better prepared next year), everyone had a good time, waving and smiling at the crowd.... I followed along with the camera, until I couldn't keep up any more.... as I had already hiked a good size hill prior to the parade just getting the grandkids to their place in line, at the very end of course!!! after was the old-fashioned picnic with all the games to be played hence the picture of Dorothy & Saints won by Cooper and Lisa at the fishing booth....had to visit Walmart after to but fish bowl, food and decorations for the bowl!  I think Walmart probably donated the fish for this reason....hahaha
our granddaughter Sofia already has a fish (pet shop trip one day with Grammy!) anyway her fish is named Dorothy, so that's what Lisa chose and Cooper only choses names of football teams, his frogs are Chargers & Steelers, now the fish named Saints.... they are to live at Grammy's house as their house is in the middle of a remodel....I'll try to do my best!
my daughter Katie dropped by for a visit today that is why there's so much time gap between pictures and posting.....but it was worth every minute getting to catch up on all her comings&goings, she always has fun stories to share and life matters to talk about....
hope that you week was great.... enjoy cheri

Fishing booth prizes!

Saints & Dorothy

Block ten

Make 4 sections using three dark & two light strips  1" x 3"
Sew together alternating dark&light

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Block nine

From dark cut 1. One&1/2" square
From light cut 4. One&1/2"x two&1/2"
For half square triangles cut 2 each from dark&light fabric. Two&7/8" squares,cut diagonally once

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Almost soot&ashes

Look how fun the blocks are coming together......and my halloween crosstitches just need to be framed....looks like tomorrow will be busy

Almost soot&ashes

3 more blocks cut waiting to be sewn together, but not today....took care of orders that needed to be sent out, came out to my room to sew, always find peace & solace here..... but my mind just wants to sit, look, ponder & remember..... so probably tomorrow will be my sewing day   take care cheri

Monday, September 13, 2010

Carrol Payne

Carrol Payne rests in the arms of his lord tonight and joyfully his soul is reunited with his love Leona, everyone is at peace   goodnight

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Riding the high seas

Lisa definitely enjoyed her first boat ride & the snack machine, always hungry!

Riding the high seas

Cooper was worried to step foot on the ferry, had ablast and let wind blow as he looked over the side!

Grandkids are blessing

Greg's dad is soon leaving us,we know he is ready to be with his love of over 70 son Matthew&wife, Heather had a planned, belated anniv. Wknd in san diego to watch the Padres game & some alone time.....we had Cooper& Lisa with us, can't say it wasn't hectic at being on the ferry to Coronado Island, phone call "dad not good" ride back drive to La Jolla, find food do picnic in back yard instead, kids great about it all, but the main thing it also made greg's down time a little more bearable, with grandkids around to smile & laugh our blessings

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

a false alarm

now i know that this story may not be funny to some, i don't mean to be inconsiderate but it did lighten the mood alittlte.....
yesterday, was my thursday quilt class, was happy to see everyone again & aaahhh the awesome quilts...
came in with my fresh bread & fresh eggs for everyone.... showed off quilts started chit chating & i received a text from greg.... now his mom passed away last april & his dad's health hasn't been good for along time and has been worsening....greg has been stopping by more frequently to visit...anyway i received this message "at dad's again, not well"....i was going to type a note back, but was finishing listening to someone's story and my phone popped out another message very quickly "DD"....what i thought, greg can be very cryptic with his texts, my thought of course was his dad has died, typed back right away " i'm on my way".... no text back or phone, i know he's busy dealing & doing what needs to be done, got to go, grab my stuff & head out.... now i'm concerned for greg & know i need to hurry to be there for him...not traveling down the usual freeway, called my daughter katie, talking to her she thinks that's what greg meant too.... got twisted around three times but finally made it, rush to the front door... open it.... now this is just a second worth of time... but my eyes see greg & his dad, eyes closed on the couch, ooohhh! how sad my heart just breaks....then his dad's eyes pop open! i'm " hi carrol" .....
so the whole thing was a good false alarm, everyones fine for the moment, greg doesn't know how the "DD" got sent....i was emotionally prepared for the worst....but ended up watching a 1940's musical with them before heading on my way....what a roller coaster ride!

Block 8

One&1/2" squares- 4 from dark and 1 from light
Cut 2 each dark & light  one&7/8" squares, cut in half diagonally once
For half square triangles
From light cut 2 each  one&1/2" x three&1/2"  and one&1/2" x five&1/2"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our new project

Polly's baskets ready for our new quilt project....everyone came with so many beautiful quilts done this summer...i showed off my 7 little quilt blocks for soot&ashes!  Can't keep up with talented & prolific group of ladies, maybe some of it will rub off on me someday!  

Thursdays quilts

June Lake quilt by nancy

Thurdays quilts

Another PrimitiveGatherings by nancy....and i know that she traveled all over timbucktoo also this summer...amazing!

Thursdays quilts

Primitive Gatherings by nancy

Thurdays quilts

Anita is making this one for her daughter's 50th birthday....i want to be anita's daughter!

Thursdays quilts

Anita's hexagon quilt....wonderful!

Thursdays quilts

June sampler by cindy

Thursdays quilts

June sampler by susie

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

about soot&ashes

have been asked the usual many blocks, how big will the quilt be?
well....... i think at this time there will be fifteen blocks...other than that if i tell you what i see in my head, then i feel alittle commited to that & sorry i can't work like the quilt will just have to be a surprise when done!   and who knows along the way your own influence will find it's own way into the design also!   enjoy the favorite part of the quilt!  cheri

Artisan bread

So warm&tasty

it's baking day

my thursday quilt group meets again this week, after summer break, that means it's time to bake! The ladies enjoy the treats brought to class and i like baking them....this week will be a couple of loaves of artisan bread.... Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg & Zoe Francois....great book, very easy, tastes wonderful, have made several different kinds of breads, including a couple of my own ideas, it's a very inspirational the flour, yeast & salt are out of the cupboard, begging to be bread dough....
as i have mentioned before i am a vegetarian and i my oldest son is vegan, no dairy, was hard at first but have found and changed alot of recipes for baking him goodies.... one of everyones & quilt group ladie's favorites is my vegan banana is the recipe so you can give it a try!
                                                   banana bread
                                     preheat oven to 350 degrees
                               combine together in mixer.... 2 cups mashed bananas, 1 cup vanilla soy yogurt,
                       1/2 cup vanilla soy milk, 1/2 cup vegetable oil, 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
                                            mix together dry ingredients and add to banana mixture
                            4 cups whole wheat flour, 1 cup sugar, 2 tsps. baking powder, 2 tsps. baking soda
                                              1 tsp. cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. salt
                                add 1 cup carob chips and 1/2 cup walnuts

           divide into 2 (9x5) loaf pans coated with cooking spray   bake at 350 for 50 mins. or 
                until toothpick comes out clean......                                                                        

it's yummy....if you're not vegan you can use regular yogurt & milk...i have done both ways....enjoy cheri

Block 7

Your basic log cabin
Center square. One&1/2"
All strips light & dark are one inch wide

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new name for soot&ashes

trying not to be confusing........ but i'm not a computer whiz, just know the basic basics..... anyway i usually use an app on my phone to post pictures works great for me.... in greg's helping me load pictures from my phone to the computer to use for my title photo we messed up my camera gallery, now i couldn't save pictures, share, post or anything.... i tried to be patient, wanted it back to normal, he tried, i cried, we exchanged words, made up and thought we finally got it....... but in trying to post blocks today it wouldn't work, did for my boots & red cubby, but not soot&ashes..... pulling my hair out.... tried a new title&label, it worked!
so for future soot&ashes blocks they will be titled by block# and labeled by cherisquilt

bought a new camera yesterday also, so hopefully that will help also...... thanks for your understanding, cheri

Block 6

Cut 9. One&1/2" squares from light
Cut 4. One&1/2" squares from dark and 4. One&1/2" x three&1/2"

Block 5

Cut from light & dark
2. Three&3/4" squares, cut each diagonally twice

Red cubby

Perfect for sewing needs

Cowgirl boots

What do you think?

out for a saturday drive

saturday was Greg's birthday&ever since we've bought the Model T & now the Model A his favorite way to spend the weekend is toodling around&around, usually it's just my honeydo list and i go along for a ride every so often.... but it's his birthday so I said "let's take Henry's Lady on a road trip!"
we traveled up the the coast hwy., heck of alot cooler too!,stopping where & when it suited our fancy....
Solona Beach's Cedros Ave. was one of our favorite stops, I had to really restrict myself to mostly window shopping as the car doesn't have any trunk space....cute rumble seat though!
but I did find a pair of gently used cowgirl boots, they fit, I bought and said "wow! that's way out of my box"
and we or i had to have this red, my favorite, cubby, on sale.... perfect for some of my sewing needs! luckily it was the right size to ride along in the rumble seat....
stopped & checked out a teardrop trailer we saw for sale... looking for one for possibly longer had red fenders, how perfect is that!
stopped along the way at the Pizza Port so Greg & I could enjoy a microbrew....
we ended up making it all the way to Oceanside, furthest the Model A has been and back just as the day was ending.... good thing as we found out the headlights weren't working....
A specially good time spent with my special guy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Primitive doll

Greg buys wonderfully primitive presents too...i'm so lucky!

Casey's heart

In memory of his son Casey Evan Payne

Turkey rug punch

By greg

match made in heaven

my husband,greg&i are total opposites in so many ways....
he likes salty... me sweet
he sleeps.... i'll dance the night away
he's punctual... i'm not
he's a list maker....not me
but we are a match made in heaven...we both love spending our times with family&friends, rummaging through antique&thrift shops, making each other laugh, traveling and being creative....greg's desire to find his niche has had trying everthing from knitting,wine&beer brewing, woodturnings,watercolors and rug punching....fortunately for me i get to enjoy the end wonderful end results of his search....

we will be married 10 years this november...know that there are many more creative years to come!
                                        Happy Birthday Honey!   sept. 4

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Light squares-cut 4 one&1/2
Small dark&light triangles
Cut two@ two&1/4" (cut diagonally twice)
Large dark triangle -cut two@ two&7/8"
(Cut diagonally once)
Dark center sq.- one&1/2"
Light rectangles- cut four one&1/2"x two 1/2"


King &princess


they're growing up

my sweet babies are no longer babies, my role of grandma is going to change as they grow.... makes me alittle wobegone & excited at the same time!
all are in school... grandma's days of being with them while mom was at work is drawing to a close as
the new school year begins...

will be looking forward to school projects, programs, sports and other fun stuff, like sleepovers!

Cooper is 5, soon to be 6 & just lost his first two teeth, is starting kindergarten... Lisa is 4, off to preschool
Dominic is 6, soon to be 7, & now in the first grade and his sister Olivia, sweet little pistol, is 3.... they live in Missouri, which is always too far away for me!
our Sofia is 3, also starting preschool, dance & gymnastics!

grandma will have more free time... guess i'll have to fill it up with all my projects