Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm GOinG BuGGy!

Living in sunny So. California has not been so sunny the last week....lots of rain & drizzle.....started to be overrun at night by pincher bugs, coming from somewhere, running across my floor, me having to stop stitching on soot&ashes to chase the fast it the wet weather? Don't know, but everytime I stop laying in wait for a bug & go back to applique....BOOM out of the corner of my eye he comes running, me chasing!   I'm GoInG BuGGy!
On the last few leaves&vines on soot&ashes.....also throwing together a fun little something for something I can't tell you yet....but it'll be a GooD!
Enjoy cheri


WoolenSails said...

They do love damp spots, so maybe they were hiding somewhere that was getting rained out. I find them in wet clothes in the basement.


Patty said...

We have had ants and a few different spiders, no pincher bugs yet...
A fun little something? Oh FUN! I love it!

paulette said...

Hi Cheri!
I was curious what a pincher bug was so I googled Canada we call them earwigs! Who knew? They mostly live outside here, rarely see them inside. They love the damp so are happy under logs, decks and rocks..thank goodness!
Can't wait to see your new project!
Take care!