Monday, April 11, 2016

My ScrapBasket Sampler

Sharing with you my finished sew along on Quilts by Cheri ~ Friendship Group on Facebook....
all the pattern pieces for this quilt and other projects are in our group files...
You are welcome to join us....
just search for Quilts by Cheri ~ Friendship Group on Facebook Home Page then ask to's that easy.
I am aware some of you don't want to use Facebook for social purposes but you can set up an account and never use it for any social other purposes....we are a very friendly, encouraging and inspiring group of ladies.
All my sew alongs and such will now be posted on this venue....
I hope to see your request to join soon!
Enjoy ~ Cheri


edie said...

Cheri, I am not on FB, but hubby is, so I sent a Friend request -- I know NOTHING about FB (husband doesn't know much more -- he joined to keep up with his high school friends (he graduated many, many years ago), so the request from Vic McMillan is me, a quilter and fan of yours.

WoolenSails said...

I love how you added the border and appliqué, such a nice piece to hang on a wall.
I made a small christmas piece from the old book, in the dryer now.


Randy D. said...

I'm getting the facebook posts but I'm not sure how to print the templates for the applique. Any suggestons?

Phyllis said...

It is a lovely project, do not have time for it now but am certainly planning it at a later stage. Thanks for sharing.

moosecraft said...

I just might have to give facebook a try for groups only... this little sampler is so cute!

Lori said...

Thank you Cheri! Its been so fun!

mary truax said...

running over there right now! thanks Cheri for inspiring and encouraging

Anonymous said...

bravo pour ces belles réalisations

June said...

I have enjoyed your blog in the past, but I don't do FB (for various reasons). I will miss you.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Beautiful! I've been watching a lot of them. Stunning!

Sandy said...

I'll miss your posts, Cheri. Facebook doesn't work for me. :-(

Marie said...

Totally love this sampler. What a great pattern!

annie said...

Wonderful project, I love it all!

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Julierose said...

I don't do either facebook or instagram or any social media--is there any way I can still join? Love the blocks..hugs, Julierose

paulette said...

JOIN's so worth it!!!

Julierose said...

Where can I find your "ABC Sampler"? I don't do facebook or instagram thanks Julierose

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