Friday, September 3, 2010

match made in heaven

my husband,greg&i are total opposites in so many ways....
he likes salty... me sweet
he sleeps.... i'll dance the night away
he's punctual... i'm not
he's a list maker....not me
but we are a match made in heaven...we both love spending our times with family&friends, rummaging through antique&thrift shops, making each other laugh, traveling and being creative....greg's desire to find his niche has had trying everthing from knitting,wine&beer brewing, woodturnings,watercolors and rug punching....fortunately for me i get to enjoy the end wonderful end results of his search....

we will be married 10 years this november...know that there are many more creative years to come!
                                        Happy Birthday Honey!   sept. 4


Patty said...

Very cool! Congratulations to you both!

terry said...

Hey Cheri..... You forgot Greg's great soap making talent. I still have a few bars hidden away for my use only. Love your blog - am faithfully following. Miss your classes but keep in touch thru your patterns.


katilynmoore said...

i was going to mention the soap too. but i really wanted to mention the lip gloss as well!

katilynmoore said...

um also.... what the hell is that as your background??? that doll is so scary i am now afraid to go on here cause it's the first thing that pops up! i am going to have nightmares.