Wednesday, September 1, 2010

they're growing up

my sweet babies are no longer babies, my role of grandma is going to change as they grow.... makes me alittle wobegone & excited at the same time!
all are in school... grandma's days of being with them while mom was at work is drawing to a close as
the new school year begins...

will be looking forward to school projects, programs, sports and other fun stuff, like sleepovers!

Cooper is 5, soon to be 6 & just lost his first two teeth, is starting kindergarten... Lisa is 4, off to preschool
Dominic is 6, soon to be 7, & now in the first grade and his sister Olivia, sweet little pistol, is 3.... they live in Missouri, which is always too far away for me!
our Sofia is 3, also starting preschool, dance & gymnastics!

grandma will have more free time... guess i'll have to fill it up with all my projects

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