Tuesday, August 31, 2010


first i have a silly question but remember i'm new & you learn by asking what is &#39.... can't seem to figure it out.... when you stop laughing send me an answer!
oh my gosh you ladies any color will work, just because i named the quilt & am using a sooty grey doesn't mean you have to.... yours could be Purple Rain, Red Rover (hey that's a fun name i've never used, next quilt!) Blue Bonnet etc., etc....
remember this is your quilt, i'm just giving you the starting ideas

sorry the pictures look distorted, probably because my stuff is always a little off in someway
hubby says maybe try cropping them, will give it a try.... if they bother you & come up with an easy! fix i'll give it a try

sorry for the lapses in thought in the blog today.... was long winded.... reread & thought it looked okay then later tonite saw all the mistakes.... will get better      cheri


Jeanette said...

Thanks Cheri, sometimes I can be a bit anal about following directions... lol Mine will be called "Gingerbread".

Sheila said...

&#39 is a code for apostrophe! Not a silly question at all.

Betty aka Fudgie said...

yeah Cheri...this is Betty Spoonemore, moved to Oregon four years ago. I took classes from you at Fat Quarters and I am a good "faraway" friend of Julie Isa! I have a small store, teach beginning quilting, on going quilting and you have been in my conversations with my students just this past week! Showed them some of my things you taught as an example of "just sew it together and stop being anal" quilting! I have finally inspired them to try some primitive quilting! Alas they will not be handsewing applique...ewwwwww is their response to that subject! My blog is on hiatus due to a "you are probably going to have a hip replacement" and I love pain pills..."what was I doing?" is my permanent question! I am lucky my students are very compassionate! I am going to do the "Soot" follow along! Talk to you again! Still a fan...Betty