Friday, August 20, 2010


cleaned my home today, needed it for sure but i do love a clean house! not that i just love to scrub but the fact that in the cleaning process i tend to also recreate my home a little each time i do it.... move those photos there, move that doll over there that sort of fun cleaning all of us artists like!
i'm not one of those that needs a clean kitchen to cook... but i love looking at my wonderful family pictures and primitive collections as i sit and do my handwork...and i like changing stuff around to suit my creative moods.
while cleaning my mind starts to create new quilts as i dust off my treasured possesions... decided this morning that i will start designing linen samplers to add to my designs... crosstitch is back, stitching, handwork.... used to design crosstitch on aida cloth years ago when i had my store... remember those old days! been taking a monthly class at Country Loft on the linen samplers LOVE THEM so maybe i can give them my own style
back to cleaning... although i don't clean my sewing room very often will give it a quick dust and vacum now and then... need my creating area to be a mess... for some reason that works better for me and my design sense.... probably fiqured that out if you've seen my quilts
going to post a couple of photos of my home to share... thanks for reading talk to you later

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