Thursday, August 19, 2010


be the first to see, of course when i figure this out, my newest designs in progress, my craziness, my organized dissorganization & who knows what else!.... be the first to find me :)

this is kinda strange on facebook i know someone is always reading my little snippets of life.... with this i feel like i'm just sitting here talking to my self... well for awhile anyway i will be a very good listener & do the talking as well

it will take another day to figure out photos.... get to work now got some envelopes to stamp!
                                                  have a good day everyone :)

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katilynmoore said...

it's me! it's me! i get to be the first!!! now i need to check this thing out. it's so much more advanced then even i do. but i like the background. it looks like a quilt. kinda like a version on the one you are working on now. ok off to read your stuff.....