Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I belong to a quilting group that meets on thursday's at one of my favorite quilt shops Fat Quarters in Vista,Ca..... lots of wonderful quilters and quilt finishers in my group, alas I am not one of the known finishers.... love to start new projects, but unless really small they don't get finished!
anyway we are set to get back together soon after the summer ends and I would like to return with this quilt done! It is to be for my husband to use on the couch on cold nights.... but that is not right now, we finally got our summer heat here in Poway.... it's too hot to be under that quilt at the sewing machine... drats wanted to show it off completely done... hope it cools down soon, no air-conditioning in my sewing room ( detached room in back of the house ) so alas it sits waiting for cooler weather!
will continue stitching on my little linen projects for now.... I'm having fun with them...

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