Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new name for soot&ashes

trying not to be confusing........ but i'm not a computer whiz, just know the basic basics..... anyway i usually use an app on my phone to post pictures works great for me.... in greg's helping me load pictures from my phone to the computer to use for my title photo we messed up my camera gallery, now i couldn't save pictures, share, post or anything.... i tried to be patient, wanted it back to normal, he tried, i cried, we exchanged words, made up and thought we finally got it....... but in trying to post blocks today it wouldn't work, did for my boots & red cubby, but not soot&ashes..... pulling my hair out.... tried a new title&label, it worked!
so for future soot&ashes blocks they will be titled by block# and labeled by cherisquilt

bought a new camera yesterday also, so hopefully that will help also...... thanks for your understanding, cheri


Sue-Anne said...

Hi Cheri, I have been a fan of your designs forever and was so pleased to discover your blog through Lori. Love your Soot & Ashes blocks so far and will now have to go digging for some fabrics to start sewing them up. I'm looking forward to seeing what they turn into. Sue-Anne, Australia.

Nines said...

A block by any other name... Sorry for your tech woes. They're the worst.

Stina said...

Computers and techno stuf... SIGH!!! Good luck.. think it will work just fine with camera..:O)) Anyway.. dont give up.. it will work... take care!!

Jeanne said...

Hi Cheri,

I just discovered your Soot and Ashes project and I'm very tempted to join in. Do you have a plan for the size of the entire quilt,or is it just going to keep growing until it's "done" ? I'm trying to decide on colors, and was hoping for some idea about how much fabric to gather.


paulette said...

Hi Cheri!!
Don't sweat the small stuff...you and your husband are doing great!! LOVE your blog!!