Tuesday, December 28, 2010

not much sewing....

as i was printing off my 12 days of christmas pattern this morning i read a few after christmas posts....what is with all the creativity right after the holidays so fast again, i feel lost & going to be left behind as i sit here with boxes around me waiting to have trimmings put back, house a complete mess, quilts waiting to be stitched and a husband home from work all week how am i to find the time to create!
instead i'll spend the day as i did yesterday having fun shopping at Country Loft with my mom, sister & greg, today lunch again with mom & old friends, tomorrow lunch with thursday's quilt group and think about the sewing stuff after the new year!     enjoy your stitching, cheri

1 comment:

Shakerwood said...

Know how you feel. I'd like to take a deep breath for a few weeks before jumping back on the quilting merry go round!